Serious Weight Loss Help - Stop Late Night Binging Habits

Published: 30th June 2009
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Lose Weight - Eliminate Late Night Binging with These Valuable and Easy to Follow Methods

Have you discovered a quick approach to your weight loss issue? By now you realize effortless weight loss solutions don't really work. Yo-yo dieting isn't fun, so possibly now your weight issue is something you are ready to take serious. The helpful information in this article will help you to begin living a healthier life this very day.

For most of us who are trying to lose weight and battle with the constant cravings that hit us at night know, that we can often give in to the temptation over and over again. Without a doubt this bad habit has got to go if you are going to achieve your fat loss goals on your diet. When you consume too many calories during a part of the day when you're not really doing anything to burn off those calories, you will gain weight. It is not always the time of day you eat that will end up as unhealthy weight gain, but the type of foods you tend to eat late at night combined with being inactive. You know what your favorite junk foods are to eat when no one is looking; cookies, ice creams, chips, and whatever else you've been craving throughout the day. Eating late at night does not allow your heart the rest it needs because it has to work overtime to help digest all the food you just ate.

These 8 great diet tips will help you be more successful in your diet, and will help you put an end to any bad eating habits that could derail your weight loss progress.

1. You should be eating three low calorie meals during the day but don't forget to have two or three low fat snacks between meals. Don't deceive yourself and eat too few calories during the day and then start binging late at night. Be sure to eat a well balanced breakfast and try to consume most of your calories before 7pm.

2. When you start heading for the kitchen to eat late at night, stop and instead drink 1 to 2 cups of water or a favorite sugar free beverage. You will more than likely still have the desire to eat after this but remind yourself that you feel hungry late at night due to your custom of eating late or it is because your mind thinks it needs to eat again. Breaking this custom is like learning to quit smoking and takes determination and support. Put a reminder on your pantry, refrigerator or wherever else needed; include your weight loss goals and how many pounds you want to take off and in large letters write something like: I will reach my weight goal and NOT eating late at night will help get me there!

3. Quit buying your favorite junk food items and avoid late night binging by getting rid of all high calorie foods. Instead of eating junk food, have a piece of sugar-free hard candy or go for some light popcorn.

4. Stop watching so much TV late at night! If your favorite TV serious comes on at a time when you are more tempted to eat at night, try recording it so you can watch it earlier in the evening. It is easier to start over eating at night when you are sitting down watching the television. Keep life interesting by working on a favorite hobby and being lazy or continuing on with the same old lifestyle patterns. The ads on TV can unknowingly trigger the impulse to eat and being bored can be one of the biggest dangers to late night eating.

5. Journal Daily! Have a written copy of your diet plan easily assessable, and this will be a huge help in keeping your weight loss goals constantly on your mind. This will allow you to see your progress, as you begin to see your late night eating practice begin to improve and progress you make each week.

6. Keep Active and Fight Boredom! Mix up your daily routine and start a new activity! You've already decided to lose weight and improve your overall health; now it's your responsibility to be proactive about your late night eating habits. Do you realize that on average it takes 6 weeks to break a habit and replace it with a new one? Start a healthy lifestyle and stick to it until it is a regular pattern in your daily life. Once you see and feel the difference it makes in your health and fitness, your motivation to continue will be stronger than ever!

7. Having a lite snack is okay, but check the nutritional value on what you eat or you may regret it later. Try not to snack while in a car, but rather take the time to be aware of what you are eating and enjoy it. Yes; occasional snacks that are low in fat are okay. I enjoy getting 1-2 scoops of sugar free butter pecan ice-cream on Sundays. Choose a favorite snack and see if you can find a low calorie or sugar free version of it. Just remember though that even if the snacks are low fat, they may be loaded full of salt! Just because it is advertised as low fat or has less sugar doesn't mean you can eat three times as much. It's okay to enjoy it but don't eat too many snack or it can hinder your progress

8. Be Enthusiastic About Your Health! Become excited and determined to lose that weight; you can do this! Since you know what your weak areas are, find ways to counter act those overindulgence. When you feel tempted to eat late at night, get a glass of water and the feel of hunger will pass. The next morning you can wake up and enjoy a healthy breakfast to feel more confident and you will be all the more closer to becoming a happier, healthier you!

Overeating at night is a bad habit for nearly all of dieters. To sum it up: If you are on a diet, you NEED to put an end to the late night munchies. Many people wanting to lose weight will eat right during the day only to blow it late at night; but if you apply the information in this article, you will not be one of them.

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